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Have you been introduced to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams? No? Well, me either. At least not in person. But I do have her cookbook, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. And I love it!

And surely, one of these days I will get back to Columbus, Ohio, where I spent four years of my life, and actually check out some ice cream first hand. Until then, at least I have her cookbook.

I love that her base recipe does not require you to make a custard by tempering eggs – something I am apparently not very good at – I always end up with a bit of scrambled egg in mine. And I love that her flavor combinations are so unique. So far I have made the Lemon and Blueberry Frozen Yogurt, Pineapple Piment D’Espelette Sorbet, Sweet Corn and Raspberry Ice Cream, Goat Cheese with Roasted Red Cherries and Salty Caramel Ice Cream. All have been wonderful! The creamy texture. The richness. Truly, you only need a little bit of this decadent ice cream.

Lately though, I have been enamored with Kahlua and so I decided to make a Kahlua flavored ice cream. I used her Cognac Ice Cream recipe as the base recipe and simply replaced the cognac with 1/4 cup of Mocha Kahlua and used 1/2 cup sugar. (I am not going to print her base recipe here. You can find it in many, many places out on the web.)

The verdict – wonderful, of course! Especially with a bit of chopped chocolate on top = Mocha Kahlua Chip!


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