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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I got hit with the flu last week. So once again, I was lucky that we had some pre-cooked meals in the frig. I had made three of them on Monday, the day that I started to get sick but didn’t yet realize it. And so we managed to make-do with those for the majority of the week. And we have some of the meals from last week waiting in the wings for this week.


Curried Red Lentil Soup – a Deborah Madison recipe, from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

Corn Chowder in Winter – recipe from my favorite veggie slow cooker cookbook.

Black Bean Chili with corn tortillas – a pressure cooker recipe from my favorite veggie PC cookbook.

Roasted Tofu with Brussels Sprouts and Brown Rice – I like to take advantage of having the oven on and roast both the tofu and sprouts. Roasting tofu makes for a nice chewy texture. I will probably make some sort of peanut sauce for the tofu and rice, or just use some pre-made San-J brand peanut sauce.

Tamales with Kale Salad – we’ll pull some of the tamales out of the freezer that we made over Christmas and eat up with some kale salad and maybe some Spanish rice.

Spaghetti and Salad – an “if-we-need-it” meal.

What’s on your menu this week? Need some inspiration? Check out the other meal plans over at Celiac Family.


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