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Recently I was sent samples of two new Crunchmaster brand cracker varieties – the White Cheddar Multigrain Crackers and the 7 Ancient Grains Hint of Sea Salt crackers. (Unfortunately, these crackers are not yet listed on their website so I can’t link you directly to them, but to their general website instead.)

The White Cheddar Multi-Grain crackers are quite tasty. They are light and crispy but sturdy enough for dipping. And I found that I prefer them just as they are, straight out of the bag. The flavoring isn’t too messy, getting all over your fingers and requiring a napkin to eat them. Just a little hint of messiness, just enough to lick off your fingers. (You know you do it too.) I also like that these crackers come in a resealable zip-top bag, very convenient for when you don’t always have a chip clip or rubber band or something to close up the bag.

Be aware though that these White Cheddar Multi-Grain crackers do contain oats by way of oat fiber. (Not all Crunchmaster products do, so as always, read the labels.) That little ingredient can cause some confusion since not everyone chooses to consume gluten free oat products. (I have only started consuming them in the past eighteen months after fourteen years of no oats, gf or not.) The products are certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization which tests to 10ppm. Be sure to read the Crunchmaster statements on their FAQ, if you have concerns. You can also read more about the oat issue over at Gluten Free Fun.

As for the 7 Ancient Grains crackers, I enjoyed these as well. They are also sturdy, yet light crackers with just a hint of salt. They don’t make the corners of your mouth hurt after eating them from salt overload. The ingredient list on these crackers is short and simple: brown rice flour, potato starch, safflower oil, sorghum flour, quinoa seeds, sesame seeds, millet, flax seeds, amaranth seeds, sea salt. No crazy chemical ingredients!

I would happily serve these crackers to non-gluten free folks as the flavors are fairly universal with no strange after tastes or textures. (At least not to my sixteen-years-gluten-free taste buds.) They are perfect for the upcoming holiday entertaining season!

*These products were received free of charge but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*

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